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What is that Storage Space Really Costing You?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I am often reminded of a comedy skit by the late George Carlin. The skit focuses on the “stuff” that we consume, and our tendency to buy a house, then buy stuff for the house, then we accumulate so much stuff that we buy a bigger house to store all of the stuff, then build a garage for more stuff, or rent a storage unit to hold even more stuff. His delivery offers such humor, however, this vicious cycle of accumulation creates stress, anxiety, and hopelessness for many people.

The #storage industry rakes in 38 billion dollars annually, and nearly 1 in 10 households spend on average $90 per month. That is $1080 per year that is being spent to rent space on items that are #depreciating in value, collecting dust, deteriorating, and not being used or loved. Some renters keep their storage units for upwards of ten years, which amounts to over $10,000 wasted on items that are rarely worth much of anything after that much time has passed. By developing the skills to make space for your loved items and let go of those that no longer serve you, you can free yourself from the financial burden of storing them. You also organically allow yourself to shed the subtle #guilt that you may have developed as a result of leaving beloved items out of touch for so long. Let’s bring your best things back into the light and love of your home.


Based on minimalist ideals, and pulling from Buddhist philosophy and an education in psychology, Your Joyful Space has developed a method that guides your now and leads you to a future home/office/space filled with more joy and less everything else.


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