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Within a week, Melissa took what had been a very cluttered and disorganized space and transformed it into a relaxing, beautiful oasis for our children.

She accomplished this with a small budget but huge vision, having a unique ability to bring those two pieces together.


The changes she implemented noticeably impacted how well our children are now able to rest, learn and play in our space. I would highly recommend her services to both residential and commercial clients.

Balance RVA is the only co-working space in Virginia to offer childcare. Your Joyful Space made over the children's playroom--eliminating clutter, replacing worn items, and introducing organization.


Home Bedroom Makeover

I didn’t know it was possible to organize my room to this degree. Melissa came in at just the right time to help ease the transition into our new home. Our space
is calm, peaceful, and easy to maintain. I highly recommend her for any organizing needs!

She taught me how to organize different items in
drawers, which I’ve been able to carry over into every part of the house. She even had my 4 and
7 year old organizing their drawers and using the special folding methods, making getting ready
time in the morning much less stressful!

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